60 Gallon Lye Storage Tanks (Shown with Heater)
60 Gallon Lye Storage Tanks (Shown with Heater)

60 Gallon Lye Storage Tank (NO HEATER)

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Part Number:TANK-LYE60-2

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Storage Tank


18ga Stainless Steel


Stainless Steel Ball Valve (Included)


60 Gallon Stainless Steel LYE Tank

60 Gallon Lye Storage Tank with Ball Valve
(Heater Box/Thermostat/Element cannot be added later)

Best way to mix and store your Lye/Water solution. It's there when you need it.
Store your mixed solution for a month or more with no loss of strength
The heating element is right in the solution. Bring the solution up to temperature is fast and efficient.
All stainless steel construction
Works in conjunction with our Jacketed Oil Tanks and Pot Tipper
Lye Tank is sealed with a double seal gasket.
What's Included
  • Lid – has molded high-temp handle.
  • Operation Instructions and Production Tips
  • Lid & Stainless Steel Ball Valve Included with all Lye Tanks

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