48" Stainless Steel Mixing Paddle
48" Stainless Steel Mixing Paddle

Paddle Stainless Steel 48"

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48" Stainless Steel Mixing Paddle
Very Handy Light Weight Paddle!
Safely stir large vats with this 48" stainless steel mixing paddle.

This stainless steel mixing paddle is a must-have addition to your soap making tools. Versatile in use, this paddle can be used to stir both hot and cold ingredients. The extra-long handle allows you to hold onto the paddle with two hands for greater control and leverage while keeping a safe distance from the hot contents.

Works well when pouring soap into large molds to control liquid flow.

Length 48 Inches
Color         Silver
Handle Material  Stainless Steel
Material Stainless Steel
Weight 2.80lbs

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