Insulation Jacket for Oil/Wax Tanks (Tank Sold Separately)
Insulation Jacket for Oil/Wax Tanks (Tank Sold Separately)

Insulation Jackets for All Tanks - 6 Gallon

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Avaiable for all of our Oil/Wax Tanks


Instructions & Foil Tape Included


Some Assembly Required
Insulation Jackets for our Stainless Steel 6 Gallon Tanks
Hold That Heat In!
Wrapping your tanks with our Insulation Jacket will cut your energy use drastically.
Your materials will heat faster and stay heated longer.
  • Your Tank Jacket is constructed using heat resistant foam core and heavy foil lining (inside and out).
  • High R-value, reflective and efficient material, which will conserve heat and energy.
  • Jacket kits are pre-cut to fit your tank. In minutes you can have your jacket fitted, taped and ready to go.
  • The kit includes plenty of heavy-duty, foil tape and instructions.
  • Water, oils, and heat will not affect its insulation value.
Made of ¼” (7mm), High R, Foam Core, Double Sided, Foil Faced, insulation.
Foil tape included.

These Insulation Jackets are Not intended for use with our Lye Tanks.

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