Insulation Jacket for Oil/Wax Tanks (Tank Sold Separately)
Insulation Jacket for Oil/Wax Tanks (Tank Sold Separately)

Insulation Jackets for All Tanks - 13 Gallon

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Avaiable for all of our Oil/Wax Tanks


Instructions & Foil Tape Included


Some Assembly Required
Insulation Jackets for our Stainless Steel 13 Gallon Tanks
Hold That Heat In!
Wrapping your tanks with our Insulation Jacket will cut your energy use drastically.
Your materials will heat faster and stay heated longer.
  • Your Tank Jacket is constructed using heat resistant foam core and heavy foil lining (inside and out).
  • High R-value, reflective and efficient material, which will conserve heat and energy.
  • Jacket kits are pre-cut to fit your tank. In minutes you can have your jacket fitted, taped and ready to go.
  • The kit includes plenty of heavy-duty, foil tape and instructions.
  • Water, oils, and heat will not affect its insulation value.
Made of ¼” (7mm), High R, Foam Core, Double Sided, Foil Faced, insulation.
Foil tape included.

These Insulation Jackets are Not intended for use with our Lye Tanks.

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